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Welcome to my Edmonds Wellness Blog, this being my first blog of 2015, and really my first honest attempt. I will spend this week at the clinic and then head off to China on a lecture visit. I was in Shanghai 2 years ago for a vacation but this is a working trip.

Naturopathic Age Management Practice in Edmonds, WA

My main lecture theme is titled Wellness, Hormones, and Aging. These topics represent quite well the nature of my current practice, the evolution of my 30 years of experience practicing naturopathic medicine. I like to call my present practice, Naturopathic Age Management, reflecting on the Age Management Medical Group (AMMG) that introduced me to the burgeoning field some call Anti-Aging or longevity medicine, neither of which terms I particularly like to use.

My practice utilizes the PhysioAge System which is a biomarker analysis to determine how well you are aging. There is much more information regarding PhysioAge on our website. www.edmondswellness.com

I also was recently certified in the BioTE system of hormone replacement (BHRT or bio-identical hormones). This is the link between aging and hormones, supporting and replenishing the ever decreasing supply of estrogen and testosterone. Much more on these topics soon. Meanwhile, again welcome, and I look forward to sharing wellness topics with you as often as I can. Also look for the occasional guest blogger.

And beginning the 19th of May blogging from China!

Naturopathic Age Management Practice in Edmonds, WA

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