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Golf Heaven Part II: The Storm.

Well, managed to get in some golf, I was assigned to a caddie, Ms. Ayin, a golden caddie at that for what turns out to be an amazing ability to line up putts and find any ball no matter how deep the rough (all caddies in China are young females) So we are on the Ernie Els designed course, one of the 12 courses here as I mentioned in my last blog post.

unnamed (1)

All alone until another single caught me at the 8th. And showers off on, a couple of brief passing thunder and then around 16 it hit, downpour and close thunder and lightening, guess they wait until it is overhead before the horn sounds, anyway, we race back as the course floods, quite impressive. Dozens of carts with the Red Orange uniformed caddies all converging at once on the giant clubhouse, quite the scene. Oh and the power goes out to the clubhouse just to punctuate the end of an exciting shortened round.

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