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Blue Skies in Beijing May 20, 2015


Up before the crack of dawn, 3 hours of deep melatonin activating sleep post cross Pacific flight. It’s Beijing, well it’s not 1999, when bicycles still dominated the roads, Now lots of brand name black & white sedans, lots and lots of them. Blue sky greets us, wow that’s considered abnormal here with all the bad pollution images. My talk at the longevity club for billionaires, not kidding, is tomorrow. Morning walk in the local park, roses everywhere, the city slowly wakes up. The morning quiet is broken by the familiar sound of a rooster crowing, 20 stories up in an apartment building on someone’s tiny porch. Fresh chicken for dinner tonight perhaps. By the way a few words about aging, I am now an expert i suppose, given that today is my 62nd celebration.

Aging is easy, we usually just let it happen, the bad the good, the pain, the ugly, whatever our lifestyle and genetics throws at us. But, perhaps we should look a little more at optimal health and aging, don’t except normal all the time, strive for improving, no matter what age: eating better, exercise, community, family, replenishing hormones (had to throw that in), and stopping to smell the roses.