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  • Monkey

    Anti-Aging in China

    BEIJING, CHINA 01/18/2016 This is my third trip over the past year to Beijing and Shanghai. I travel here at the invite of a world class global health & wellness club called Life Infinity. My clinic in the Seattle area is Edmonds Wellness. Working with […]

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  • Unnamed 2

    China Lecture Tour May 2015:

    As my brief trip to China comes to a close I reflect on my 30 years of China experiences, from that first journey with fellow classmates, by plane and train through the Chinese countryside. The contrast between that early trip to study TCM and periodic […]

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    Golf Heaven Part II: The Storm.

    Well, managed to get in some golf, I was assigned to a caddie, Ms. Ayin, a golden caddie at that for what turns out to be an amazing ability to line up putts and find any ball no matter how deep the rough (all caddies in […]

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    Golf Heaven, China

    I played golf once this past year, thought it was out of my system, well arriving here in Shenzhen at Mission Hills, all of 12 signature holes, yea, 216 holes, deemed the “worlds largest golf club”, well it’s hopeless. I recall seeing news of Tiger […]

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  • Image21

    Life Infinity Club

    There is an elite members only health and wellness club in the heart of Beijing’s financial district, impressive in many ways, that invited me to speak today. This is the main site of 5 locations across China that provide its members with cutting edge exercise, […]

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  • Image13

    Fried Eel & Atmosphere at Wain Wain

    This is, as my friends says, a secret spot, a hole in the wall at the top, literally, of a 40 something story building in Beijing city. Floor to ceiling glass, dizzying views, yet very casual, Japanese bar & resturant. I loathe heights yet I […]

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  • Image11

    Beijing, all about food and Feng Shui.

    Well Beijing has these cool shaped structures as well as the “breast” building and the classic “penis” building both of which have garnered lots of attention through the years. No I am not discussing these urban symbols in my hormone lecture tomorrow but worth a […]

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    Blue Skies in Beijing May 20, 2015

    Up before the crack of dawn, 3 hours of deep melatonin activating sleep post cross Pacific flight. It’s Beijing, well it’s not 1999, when bicycles still dominated the roads, Now lots of brand name black & white sedans, lots and lots of them. Blue sky […]

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  • EdmondsWellness

    Trip to China

    Settling into my seat headed to Beijing shortly. My last trip to China was 2 years ago. This time I am invited to speak at a health club in Beijing and a golf resort in Shenzhen on Hormones and Aging. There are no compounding pharmacies […]

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  • Doors

    Dr. Nolting & Naturopathic Age Management

    Welcome to my Edmonds Wellness Blog, this being my first blog of 2015, and really my first honest attempt. I will spend this week at the clinic and then head off to China on a lecture visit. I was in Shanghai 2 years ago for […]

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