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Anti-Aging in China



life_infinityThis is my third trip over the past year to Beijing and Shanghai. I travel here at the invite of a world class global health & wellness club called Life Infinity. My clinic in the Seattle area is Edmonds Wellness. Working with the doctors, staff, and administrators at Life Infinity has really been rewarding for everyone involved. I have helped expand the knowledge base in China regarding Bioidentical Hormone Replacemement and specifically introduced China to the potential of BHRT pellets as taught by BioTE. My practice Edmonds Wellness (EWC), and myself are certified to utilize this protocol and now with EWC and Life Infinity joining hands, we are set to bring this technique to a motivated and receptive population. My seminars here have been very well received.EWC-LOGO-RGB-01

Another facet of my relationship with Life Infinity is getting them set up to offer the PhysioAge program to their members. PhysiAge is a uniue aging biomarker program created by Dr.Rafael in New York City. We run this program exclusively in the NW at EWC. This is an integral part of my Age Management platform. This program brings to life and the aging process a highly reliable method of calculating our physiological age focusing on key areas including the skin, lungs, heart, brain, as well the immune system and aging of the genes. This is the first venture into China for the PhysioAge Program. Life Infinity will offer PhysioAge to all of its members. MN


For more information regarding the PhysioAge program please go to the EWC website www.edmondswellness.com and read more detail.

As for Beijing, it is bitter cold right now but actually the air quality not so bad. My sightseeing is mostly underground between buildings this week but too busy really to get out if I could. This city is full of great places to eat with lots of diversity in cusine. My interest in food is pretty basic and for that I am happy with a bowl of duck noodles or homemade yoghurt which I will go after in a few minutes. I love to receive questions and ideas for future blog topics. MN