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China Lecture Tour May 2015:

As my brief trip to China comes to a close I reflect on my 30 years of China experiences, from that first journey with fellow classmates, by plane and train through the Chinese countryside. The contrast between that early trip to study TCM and periodic trips since including this trip is intense. China is intense to me in many ways, the masses of people, the dust, smells, and rich culture. Food is at the top of my attraction to China and this trip did not disappoint, always fresh, local, and utilizing the five tastes.

BHRT and Aging Well in Edmonds, WA

My lecture topic has been BHRT and Aging. I shared with very receptive audiences my naturopathic philosophy focusing on wellness, aging well, and replacing hormone decline with bio identical hormones. I introduced the emerging therapeutic BHRT option of pellets as taught by the BioTE company. There was much interest in this option.

BHRT and Aging Well

I thank my gracious sponsors, Elite Health Management, Life Infinity, and Mission Hills Golf Club. I am thrilled to discover that Chinese groups such as these and others have embraced the concept of wellness and are creating a new model of improving health in a holistic way that matches closely with the Age Management movement in America.